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Black Sox: Any team can beat each other on any given day

24.08.2018 | Jan Řápek

For the Black Sox, it is the very first time they’re on a tour in Europe. And their first stop is in the heart of the continent with the Intercontinental Cup in Prague! Later on, they will face the selection of Europe. What are the players mostly looking for in Prague?

“This is the first time we’ve toured into Europe as a team which is very exciting. We’re looking forward to great softball for sure. On the other side, we also take it as an opportunity to learn something about Prague and other factors, that will be important for the World Series 2019,” representatives of New Zealand said.

It is clear that the Black Sox came to Prague with the upcoming World Championships in mind. Goal no. 1 is easy to guess: have fun and win. IC Cup is the main event for the team this season and its players would like to get their hands on the trophy. The event will be useful also for presenting some new players. That’s why they compliment the idea of this tournament.

“International Softball is always great, regardless of who is involved, but clearly the ICC is a top class event and we feel very lucky to be invited. We hope it creates more opportunities for similar tournaments around the world.”

So who is coming to Prague with the Black Sox? Primarily, nine members of the most recent winning team at the Worlds. There are also six players awaiting their international debuts. Fans can also look forward to seeing three Enoka brothers or two Evans brothers. Plus, there is a son of the legendary Brad Rona on the team – Pita.

New Zealand will play a couple of warm-up games before the tournament. Nonetheless, their main focus stays on the Cup. “Beauty of the ICC is in that everyone is strong. We believe any team can beat each other on any given day.”

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