Evans: I think no game at this tournament is an easy game

30.08.2018 | Romy Marinus

After a 15:0 win against Denmark, we interviewed Cole Evans from team New Zealand.

How was the game for you?

It was a good game, good hitting by the boys. It’s nice to put up a good score line after our performance last night and we’re looking to do that again tonight against Japan.

Did it feel like an easy game or was there anything you had to concentrate on?

I think no game at this tournament is an easy game, there’s a lot of good, quality competition. We just hit the ball pretty good today.

How is this tournament in general for you personally?

I think it’s a really good tournament. There are a lot of good teams here. It’s a good measurement to see where we are heading into during the World Series next year.

Can you tell me about your family and relation to softball?

I got my brother Rhys who plays on the team as well and the three Enoka brothers are on the team too, so it’s nice to have a bit of a family feeling in the team.

Is it typical in New Zealand that the whole family plays softball?

Yeah that’s quite typical. I mean, once the older brother plays, the younger brothers want to follow through so yeah, back home it’s quite a family game and a lot of clubs have that family feel.

When performing the haka before every game, is there anyone who thinks ‘’oh we have to do this again’’ or is it a natural for you?

A lot of the guys get really into it. I guess it’s quite a historical thing for New Zealand sports teams so everyone gives 100% every time.

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