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Fastpitch Challenge – Europeans getting ready for the ICC

21.06.2018 | Gabriel Waage

It’s only a few months to go before the ICC and the Fastpitch challenge is on in Prague. As a part of preparation and forming the team, the Czechs face Denmark. Traditional series called Fastpitch Challenge saw six games in Radotín softball park.

"We first played the series when I took over the men’s national team, so it must have been 2011," head coach of Czech Republic Tomáš Kusý remembers. The Czech–Danish challenge is going back and forth between Denmark and the Czech Republic each year and right now, the Prague was chosen. To be more precise, Radotín sport club was appointed with the 8th Fastpitch Challenge.

Fastpitch Challenge was based on an agreement between the Czech Softball Federation and the Danish Softball Federation. Gabriel Waage and Jens Terkelsen agreed on a project that should bring two best teams of Europe another step closer to the World elite. Therefore they created a room for annual competition of their two sides. It’s built on yearly host rotation between Denmark and the Czech republic. The hosting federation covers their opponent’s expenses for accommodation and food as well as it takes care of the pitch and schedule.

First Fastpitch Challenge in the Czech Republic was held in Pardubice where it returned two years later. In 2016 both teams faced each other in Most and this time – Radotín in Prague. This year’s series was held from 11th to 13th of May and it was a bit more special as it was part of preparation for European Championships as well as for the ICC.

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