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Playing- and communication experience for Japan

26.08.2018 | Jan Řápek

The National Team of Japan was in Prague before, in 2011 for the ISF World Cup, but only a few players remember that. The representative of Asia returns to Prague as World’s no. 3 being thankful for this opportunity.

„This tournament is a great experience for our national team as well as we believe it is a very important tournament for promotion of softball in Europe.“

For both Japan this event is not only a playing experience, but also a communication challenge: „The purpose of participating in this tournament is to imporve our team’s performance, and younger generation’s skills. We gladly accept thchance to get experience playing overseas as well as understanding and communicating with national teams from all over the World.“

Fans of the Asian team can look forward to seeing Hikaru Matsuda in action, an excellent pitcher and a batter in one person. Just like the other teams, Japan too thinks of the Black Sox as the strongest team in Prague. Despite that, the head coach says smiling „We want to be number 1.“

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