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See top stars, experience something unique, help out and meet new friends – that’s what volunteers do

22.06.2018 | Daniela Viktorýnová

Big events and volunteers go hand in hand. In Czech Republic, there are major events every year and there will even be the Men’s World Championships next year. Therefore we look for reliable and great volunteers! We interviewed Veronika Clausová, player of Cats Brno and a volunteer with lots of experience.

Veronika, for how long have you been working as a volunteer?

I’ve been doing this since I was 18 when I started visiting workcamps (international volunteer projects). For the first time, I was at a sport event in 2015 and it was the European Athletics Indoor Championships in Prague. And since it was so great, I kept doing this.

What other sport events were you part of?

In 2015, I was also in Eskilstuna, Sweden for European Junior Athletics Championships. Next year I was helping out in Prague at the IWAS U23 World Games, in Czech Olympic park in Lipno and on a biathlon World Cup race. Last year I was at Supercup for young baseball and softball players and on the Laver Cup in Prague. That’s it for now.

That’s a load of big events! Why do you do that?

Because I like sport a lot and this was a great opportunity for me to experience the atmosphere of some major events. I also study foreign languages and this is a good way to meet new people.

So what did the volunteering give you?

Lots of great memories, that no fans can get. I had a chance to meet and chat with some athletes and I found out they are great people. It was also fun to stand on a court before tennis tournament and pretend to be Nadal or Federer for TV testing. At the biathlon race, Martin Fourcade high-fived with me and then posted the video on his facebook page.

Apart from these things, it also taught me a lot, especially in terms of communication with people from different countries and cultures. I also went trough some crisis points, that can also teach you something. Also there are usually great groups of people on these events and I’m still in touch with some of them.

Do you plan to volunteer also at the ICC?

I do not because I will be working in Sweden the whole summer… but I’m very much looking for opening of applications for Tokyo Olympic games.

What would you say to everyone undecided at the moment?

To get involved for sure, the experience and new friendships are worth it.

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