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The Host: Czech Republic

27.08.2018 | Jan Řápek

It has been a while since Prague got to see some of world’s best teams and players. It will be a great teaser before next year’s WBSC Men’s Worlds. We are really looking forward to facing some of the game’s top teams and players, as this is the only way for us to get ready for the world’s next year.

What do you think of the idea/concept of the Intercontinental Cup?

It’s a great idea, definitely, and I am sure it will help men’s fastpitch in the long run. We are really happy that some of the world’s best teams are willing to travel to Prague to attend this event.

What will be your approach to this event? Is it a top event for the 2018 season for you?

It is definitely our top event this year. We did play the European Championship in late June, but the quality of competition was nowhere near to this event. We always play hard and we will definitely want to make our fans happy by winning as many games as we can.

Who will be some of the top (or for some reason interesting) players on your roster (or staff)?

I think we have a well-balanced roster of young and experienced guys. Three or four of guys (Holobrádek, Malý, Klas and Mach) will have played at the ISC World Tournament in Kitchener, so I am personally dying to see how playing with and against the best will have influenced the way they compete. Jan Přibyl will be joining the team as coach and manager, and I am sure that his years of experience as the catcher and captain of the national team will provide a great learning opportunity for some of our younger players.

Who do you think should be the strongest team in the tournament?

The Black Sox will definitely be a tough team to beat, regardless of who they bring. Japan always does great at tournaments as well. Argentina will be strong as usual. The USA will be bringing a pretty good team, too, and one should never underestimate Denmark, either. All in all, we will need to play our best against every opponent at this great tournament.

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