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World’s no. 4 Argentina premieres in Europe

25.08.2018 | Jan Řápek

The Czechs fly across the Pacific Ocean to Argentina quite often. They’ve been there for a couple of World Championships as well as for some warm-up tournaments. And a couple of Argentinians have been to the Czech Republic as well. Now it’s time for the National Team of Argentina to visit the European softball leader.

This will be the first time, Team Argentina will play in Europe, and the expectations are high. Especially because of the level of the tournament. “It’s great to put together the best teams of the World in one competition. It will serve as our preparation for the Worlds next year, and also the Pan American Games,“ says the head coach Julio Ismael Gamarci.

South-American team may come across some struggles in this tournament. Or will their just-finished season play into their hands? “The travel was pretty long, to be honest. Most of us have just finished our season in the United States or Canada, so we just got back home and took off to Prague the very next day. We are tired, but also very excited,“ Pablo Skladny shared his feeling right after their landing in Prague.

“We’ll try to get the most experience we can, we’ll try to win everything, but we know that everybody can beat us and we can beat everybody,“ says Argentinian pitcher who’s got experience playing in the European Men’s Super Cup last year.

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